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Try out our Demo Village

To access a fully functional demo village website and database, go to the following site:

There, you can view the public website, log in to view content visible to members only, and also go to the Control Panel to view the administrative screens, run reports, etc.

Login as a member/coordinator
Use the following account to login as Barbara Jones, a village member:

    Username:     bjones
    Password:     welcome

You will see the members-only website, which includes different menu options, special functions for members only, and access to Barbara's Profile screen to update her personal information. Barbara is also a coordinator of the Interests function so she has limited admin access in this area of the website only. To see how the coordinator functionality works, select "Interests" from the "Members Only" submenu. While viewing the "Interests" page,  hover over the slide-out page tools widget. Click on the pencil icon (edit).

Login as an expired member
Use the following account to login as Tom Jones, an expired member:

    Username:     tjones
    Password:     tom123

Notice how the system takes you to first page of the Renewal Wizard. At this point, Tom can only do two things: renew, or logout!

Login as a full administrator
Use the following account to login as Martin Smith, a full administrator:

    Username:     msmith
    Password:     hello

Notice how a "Control Panel" link has appeared at the top left of the page. When you click on the control panel link, you are taken to the club's Control Panel, which is organized into five tabs based on the major areas of administration (People, Website, Money, Club, and Communications.) Here you can manage the member and non-member databases, update website pages as well as the look and feel of the site, view and update special functions, send emails, etc.

Important Note: we respectfully ask that you not make major changes to this demo site that would limit another user's ability to also view the demo. In particular, please don't change the usernames and passwords of the two accounts referenced above.

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